Obstetrician- Gynecologist

Dr. Venancia L. Makabali was a 1946 University of Santo Tomas graduate with a medical degree specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has undergone advanced OB-GYN training in the United States of America. When her career took off, she opened “Makabali Clinic”, a 6-bedroom private maternity clinic in 1957. For years, Dr. Makabali ran her renowned clinic, which continued to operate long after her death in 1972.


Founded on August 11, 1957 by its late foundress,the V.L. Makabali Memorial Hospital, Inc. was then known as V.L. Makabali Clinic, a six-bed Maternity Clinic.

A few months later, the clinic housed ten beds with one operating room, one delivery room, ten nursery bassinets, a laboratory, and an X-ray room.

Later, the clinic was made into a family corporation with all the surviving brothers and sisters as incorporators. It was then that the V.L. Makabali Clinic was renamed V.L. Makabali Memorial Hospital, Inc.



We are committed to deliver integrated, innovative and responsive healthcare services to our patients, partners and communities in Region III.

We are committed to continuous quality improvement, systemic research and development, and to optimize appropriate technology in order to ensure integration, innovation and responsiveness in our healthcare services.

We are committed to responsible management of resources, to develop client-centered healthcare personnel, and to establish effective partnerships to sustain leadership position in the region.

We are committed to attain and sustain leadership and growth in healthcare and to optimize benefits for all our stakeholders and shareholders.


To be a premiere training hospital providing excellent healthcare services.

To be a leader in innovating healthcare services to fully benefit individuals, families, communities and country.


Gilbert G. Makabali, MD, FACS

President and CEO

  • Chairman Department of Surgery and Medical Director of the Center of Wound Healing at St. John Episcopal Hospital South Shore
  • Responsible for the research and development of the recruitment program
  • Established the partnerships with the largest and most experience overseas worker deployment company in the Philippines
  • Responsible for implementation of the nurses education program to improve their testing efficiency and results
  • Responsible for the implementation of English speaking education program to improve the English communication skills of the recruited nurses that is vital in reducing medical errors
  • Responsible of communicating with USCIS to determine the standard and requirement for the immigration petitions for foreign nurses


1959-1963University of Santo Tomas (BS Premed) Manila Philippines
1963-1968University of the East RMMC (Doctor of Medicine and Surgery) Quezon City
1969-1974The Mount Sinai Hospital of New York (Surgical Resident)
1974-1975The Mount Sinai Hospital of New York (Chief Surgical Resident)



1989Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery
1993Recertified by the American of Surgery
  • Recertified by the American Board of Surgery
  • Certified Fellow American Wound Care Specialist

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