Debridement with Skin Grafting

HEALTH, Surgery

Debridement with skin grafting (forearm flap) of fingertip is a surgical procedure that involves removing damaged or dead tissue from the fingertip and replacing it with healthy skin from another part of the body.

The procedure is essential for wounds that aren’t getting better. Usually, these wounds are trapped in the first stage of healing. When bad tissue is removed, the wound can restart the healing process.

Wound debridement can:

  • help healthy tissue grow.
  • minimize scarring.
  • reduce complications of infections
Procedure: Debridement with Skin Grafting (forearm flap) of Fingertip Avulsion and Open Reduction of Distal Phalanx Ring Finger Left Hand this surgery is minimally invasive.
Successful operation performed by Dr. Dyan Docena and Dr. Ramil Bonifacio.