Partial Hip Replacement

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partial hip replacement, also known as hip hemiarthroplasty, is a surgical procedure where only the femoral head (the ball) of the damaged hip joint is replaced. Unlike total hip replacement, which involves replacing both the femoral head and the acetabulum (the socket), partial hip replacement focuses solely on the ball component.

Here are some key points about partial hip replacement:

  1. Indications:
    • Hip Fractures: Partial hip replacement is most commonly performed to repair certain types of hip fractures.
    • Traumatic Hip Injury: When there is a fracture in the femoral neck, and the fracture cannot be pinned, replacing the ball becomes necessary.
    • Stability of the Socket: The socket (acetabulum) remains strong and is not replaced.
  2. Grades of Fracture:
    • There are four different categories or “grades” of hip fractures:
      • Subtrochanteric: These fractures don’t interfere with the joint and can be repaired with pins or nailing devices.
      • Intertrochanteric: Similar to subtrochanteric fractures, they also don’t affect the joint.
      • Fractured Neck: In cases where the femoral neck is fractured and cannot be pinned, partial hip replacement is required.
      • Subcapital Fracture: This type involves complete displacement, disrupting blood supply to the femoral head. It necessitates hemiarthroplasty.
  3. Hemiarthroplasty:
    • In hemiarthroplasty, the broken femoral head is removed, the fractured end of the neck is trimmed, and a one-piece prosthesis (stem and ball) is inserted.
    • The socket (acetabulum) remains untouched if it is still in good condition.
  4. Advantages:
    • Simplicity: Partial hip replacement is a simpler procedure compared to total hip replacement.
    • Suitable for Certain Cases: It is recommended for specific fractures and situations.
    • Preserves Acetabulum: The intact socket remains functional.

Remember that partial hip replacement is not typically used for degenerative arthritis: total hip replacement is more appropriate for that condition.

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